What to Expect at 4th PC

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We hope you’re interested in joining us to worship Jesus sometime in the near future. We always have a service on Sunday’s at 11:00 a.m. Additional services can occur at different times and places—they’ll be posted on this website’s calendar.

If you’ve gotten this far into the website, you might have some questions about what takes place during our worship services. The rest of this page addresses some common issues people have about worship.

What should I wear to worship?

Clothes! Please! Seriously, on any given Sunday you’ll find a few people in the pews wearing blue jeans, a few wearing suits, and most people some­where in between. Sometimes you’ll see a fancy hat, and that’s just as welcome as a bald head.

Will I be asked to give money?

We do collect an offering every week (plus occa­sional special offerings). That’s how church members support the church’s operations. If you’re a guest we sure would appreciate a gift J, but give only if you want to. The Bible teaches us that God appreciates a cheerful giver.

4th PC is a tax-exempt organization, so if you let us know your name and other relevant info, we’ll send you an annual giving statement that you can use for tax purposes.

What are worship services like at Fourth Church?

Part Traditional
Wooden pews set in a beautiful sanctuary with unusual and theologically profound stained-glass windows. The sanctuary is a real gem hidden in the middle of the Bronx. Our worship services follow a printed program that lists hymns, Scripture readings and formal prayers. Click here to view a typical bulletin.

Many elements of our services come straight from the Bible, including a Bible-focused message. Did we mention prayers too?

Part Informal
Our congregation is small enough that you’ll be noticed and greeted. Please don’t be offended if people ask you questions—it’s hard to be friendly if we don’t talk to you! 

We already mentioned prayer. In addition to written prayers there are opportunities to you’re your own prayer requests known every week. On Communion Sunday (the first Sunday of every month) our worship includes a very special prayer moment. Members of the congregation who need prayer for themselves, or for family and friends, are invited to join hands around the Communion table and lift their voices in prayer to Jesus.

Interspersed throughout the year Fourth Church offers special healing services and revivals, sometimes on Sunday morning, but usually on other days of the week.

Part Musical
Mr. Isaac ben Ayala is our music director, and he gets a lot out of our small choir. Your ears will tingle and your soul will be blessed by their worshipful anthems and exciting praise songs. In addition, congregational singing of hymns, gospel and praise songs makes up a significant portion of our worship service.

What if I am still searching spiritually or seeking to find God?

You can walk through the front door with no strings attached—visit without a commitment to come back. You can leave whenever you want—we won’t drag you into a corner and force you to stay. If that’s what you want you’ll have to look elsewhere!

If you think about it, even the most devoted believers were novices once. They had questions and doubts. Our minds grow by asking questions, not dodging them. Our spirits gain strength by confronting doubts, not hiding from them. So yes, questions and doubts are welcome.

Questions are okay at Fourth Church. Feel free to ask people around you in the pews about the church. If you come with theological doubts or pastoral questions it would probably be a good idea to ask one of the church elders or the pastor. By the way, you aren’t required to believe exactly what the pastor does—believe what the Bible says!

Are children welcome in worship?

It’s a cliché to say “children are the future”, but of course that’s true. We want to have a future, so we welcome children of all ages. Young children will be invited to come forward for a children’s message at an early point in the service. After the children’s message they leave the Sanctuary for Sunday School, in the upstairs section of our building. We do not have a separate nursery. Youth are expected to remain in the Sanctuary for the duration of the service.

What do Presbyterians believe?

Fourth Church is part of a denomination named the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The constitu­tion of the PC(USA) includes a book of faith statements called The Book of Confessions (you can find an on-line version of that document here). The “confessions” contained in this book are actually statements of belief and faith which range from very short creeds written in ancient times (the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds) to very long and excruciatingly detailed declarations of theological principles (like the Westminster Confession and Catechisms). The Book of Confes­sions concludes with the most recent statement of faith, written by the PC(USA) in the early 1990s.

Member churches of the PC(USA) take a wide spectrum of theological stands.  You’ll find that Fourth Church is on the “Bible-oriented” or traditional/orthodox side of this spectrum.